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Like it or not, money has a direct impact on most careers.

Although shrouded in secrecy, earning money is an important issue for most people. It's not just your earnings that are affected by the way you think about money. The hidden money beliefs we hold are closely linked with what we believe about happiness, abundance, and success.
Earning a living and doing what you love can be accomplished.

It is possible to be pulled in the opposite direction by your current wealth beliefs unless you are aware of what it is quietly doing.

Are you worried that there won't be enough money for everything you need? Have you ever felt like you couldn't make money from your favorite work? Feeling stressed and overworked as your income increases? You have a hard time asking for the amount you want?

In order to earn more, you must overcome your current money beliefs. You opinion of money may lead you to dim your light, question your value, avoid seeking out help. 

Would you like to earn money doing something you enjoy?

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