Value Based Groups

Embark on a life-changing adventure from within one of our Value-Based Groups and experience the profound impact that comes from embracing positive values in your personal life, influence, and business.

Who We Are

In our Value-Based Groups, we embrace the transformative potential of inspired leadership rooted in foundational principles. Led by our coaches, our Value Based Groups provide a confidential* space where business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals come together to explore the profound teachings of personal growth and the ongoing journey of ethical leadership, drawing insights from various sources.  

*In our CORE Groups & Forums, confidentiality is paramount. All members are required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), ensuring a secure and confidential environment for open and honest discussions. 

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Why Choose Us

We exist to add value to the lives of those around us. Our commitment to guiding principles forms the bedrock of our leadership philosophy. The influence of maintaining a strong ethical foundation manifests in our decision-making processes, fostering an environment grounded in accountability, integrity, and compassionate curiosity - never condemnation.  

Specialized Focus Groups

 Our coaches lead and challenge the participants with a comprehensive tool that helps examine how each individual person is remaining and growing. Each member of a Value Based Group is walking out their individual journey and experiencing a community that allows for the individual to process a deep reflection. Our values affect how we live, impact, and influence - not only ourselves individually, but also the cultures in which we live.

Strategic Membership

   We are intentional to build a community with you and for you.​  

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Guided Discussions

Your participation in the group is not just about personal growth; it's an opportunity for mutual enrichment. Together, we seek insights, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from each other, all while remaining focused on principles that enhance effective leadership, aligning with a foundation that promotes our individual design and purpose.


Partner with other individuals and share journeys with those who are dedicated to growth.

This community values deep care and support for one another, offering an experience that can be found nowhere else.

NDA Required

We pride ourselves on being a safe place to be real and vulnerable.


Iron sharpens iron. By sharing your journey with others, you will grow.