On Change
Importance of Developing a "Change Mindset"

Hey Leaders! Let's get controversial and talk about something that most people hate, many people fear, and a small handful of crazy people love. Did you guess the word "change"? If so, you guessed right!

In our rapidly changing world, having a change mindset is a strength and a must-have for personal growth and success. 

So, here are five productive steps that can help you cultivate this game-changing mindset: 

Step 1: Embrace the Growth Mindset
Ever heard of psychologist Carol Dweck? She's all about having "a growth mindset". Instead of fearing change, see it as a golden opportunity to learn and get better. Challenges become your stepping stones to greatness. 

Step 2: Fuel Your Curiosity  
Imagine change as a mysterious adventure. Curiosity is your compass! Ask questions, open your mind, and explore new horizons. Lean in to different perspectives and ask questions to people who inspire you.

Step 3: Become Resilient 
When things don't go as planned, embrace those moments as your chance to level up. Failures? You don't need to fear them. They're just lessons in disguise.

Step 4: Dance with Flexibility!  
Change is the rhythm, and you're grooving along! Be prepared to adjust your approach as you grow in agility and learn the steps. Choosing to be resistant and rigid can lead to increased and unnecessary stress and frustration for both you and your team.

Step 5: Calculate your Risks and Rewards  
Any change is intimidating, but taking time to analyze and understand your data will serve as a catalyst for innovation and progress as you make new and informed decisions. Consider best-case, worst-case, and moderate-case scenarios as this will help you prepare for potential outcomes. Encourage adaptive thinking, and propel your organization beyond its comfort zone.

Change is innovating and produces growth. By developing a change-mindset, you are embracing calculated risks, growing in your abilities, discovering untapped potential, and navigating evolving opportunities with agility. This proactive approach fosters a culture of continuous learning, resilience, and forward momentum -- ultimately fueling sustainable growth.

The best part -- we're rooting for you! Here at CORE Leaders, we know you have what it takes. Empower yourself by partnering with a coach that has your best interest at heart. Gain valuable insight, experience, and foster RESULTS as you navigate your journey. 

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