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 Our coaches stand out as the epitome of excellence, embodying a holistic approach that nurtures the entirety of an individual. Each possesses a unique skill set, weaving together a beautiful mosaic of expertise within the CORE Leaders community.

Keith Fairchild

Your Catalyst for Straightforward Success and Leadership Development

Elevate your business endeavors with Keith Fairchild, a direct and straight-to-the-point coach who challenges individuals to think bigger. Specializing in working with franchisers and entrepreneurs, Keith is a dynamic and effective leader with a focus on leadership development. His background in development equips him with the skills and tools necessary to build and expand sites successfully. Keith brings different industries together, leveraging diverse perspectives for innovative solutions. He is the ideal fit for individuals aspiring to become strong drivers, providing strategic guidance and fostering an environment of growth. Choose Keith Fairchild for a transformative coaching experience that propels you toward unparalleled success and leadership excellence.

Damien Friend

Elevate Your Small to Mid-Size Business with a Holistic Approach

Partner with Damian Friend for specialized coaching tailored for small to mid-size companies, particularly those in the industrial sector. Damian's unique approach covers the social, intellectual, physical, and mental dimensions of your business and personal life. With expertise in the oil and gas industry, Damian brings a wealth of knowledge, particularly in HSE Awareness - Health, Safety, Environment, and Security. Damian's engineering mindset, coupled with a compassionate heart, ensures thorough analysis and understanding, fostering sustainable growth and success. Beyond industrial concerns, Damian specializes in corporate wellness, placing a strong emphasis on the five cornerstones - Social, Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual well-being. Whether it's studying and analyzing data, maintaining health, or addressing mindset versus knowledge, Damian provides a comprehensive coaching experience, ensuring a holistic and transformative journey for both you and your business.

Chris LaGarde

Your Premier Business Coach and Accredited Enneagram Practitioner

Elevate your business endeavors with Chris Lagarde, an esteemed expert across diverse industries, specializing in real estate and beyond. As an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner, Chris brings a unique perspective to coaching, enhancing team dynamics, and fostering a thriving workplace culture. With a strategic focus on hiring employees and building team development, Chris excels in translating expertise into actionable strategies. From economic models to the 'Profit First System,' Chris offers in-depth analysis, ensuring your business operates at its peak. As a skilled builder of businesses, Chris specializes in guiding entrepreneurs to create movement, making him the ideal coach for those looking to transform their endeavors and build successful, sustainable ventures, not limited to real estate.”

David Locke

Your Strategic Partner for Sales Mastery and Leadership Excellence

Experience unparalleled success with David Locke, a multifaceted professional offering expertise in sales, leadership, and real estate. David's unique selling proposition lies in his proficiency in developing high-performing sales teams, creating 'plug and play' systems, and streamlining processes for optimum efficiency. With a keen ability to uncover client motivation, David excels in leading sales and business planning, providing real estate investment guidance, and offering leadership in multiple expansion locations. David's unique perspective allows him to see overlooked opportunities and enhance interpersonal communication skills in group settings. As an expert in creating, managing, and maintaining Inside Sales Agent Departments, David is your go-to partner for comprehensive success in sales, leadership, and strategic talent acquisition and retention.

Andy Modawell

Your Partner in Executive Coaching for Mid-Size to C-Suite Management Businesses

Embark on a transformative journey with Andy Modawell, a seasoned executive coach specializing in mid-size management businesses. Andy's strengths lie in coaching at all levels of an organization, from direct reports and mid-management to lower-level leaders and executives. In working with executives, Andy excels in helping them create compelling visions, allowing them to see the ripple effect of decisions throughout the organization. His unique ability lies in assisting leaders to inspire their teams rather than merely instructing them. For front-line managers, Andy focuses on building leadership influence, teaching the importance of gaining trust before strategizing. Whether working with brand-new leaders or connecting the dots across various levels, Andy emphasizes the interconnectedness of leadership. He guides individuals to start small while maintaining a connected and strategic approach. Andy's expertise extends to teaching the art of asking questions that challenge without offending, fostering a culture of growth and thoughtful leadership in every interaction

Bob Rockwell

Your Strategic Partner for Executive Excellence

Embark on a transformative coaching journey with Bob, your trusted guide committed to helping you achieve your fullest potential, both personally and professionally. Renowned for coaching C-suite executives within Fortune 500 companies, Bob specializes in mid to large-size businesses, offering consulting services and executive solutions that foster holistic growth. Rely on Bob's intuitive and insightful approach to identify and overcome challenges, ensuring optimal personal and organizational development. Uniquely, you're guaranteed tangible results: if the promised business outcomes in coaching aren't realized, you'll receive a full refund for the month. With a focus on your holistic well-being, Bob brings distinctive tools and proven models to deliver a personalized, results-driven experience that aligns with your individual and organizational goals. Additionally, Bob's adept questioning skills prompt deep thinking, fostering impactful insights and personal growth.

Jim Smit h

Your Partner in Franchise Success and Personal Alignment

Embrace success with Jim Smith, your trusted advisor and coach in business leadership and personal growth, using next level thinking.   With a foundation built on integrity, humility, and confidence, Jim is a skilled listener, an ongoing learner, and a proficient communicator with a values-based approach. As a sensitive coach, he can establish trust and encourage growth in your life and business. His track record demonstrates a deep understanding of building businesses from the ground up and achieving remarkable success. As a prior business owner, Jim understands the challenges a business leader faces. Choose Jim Smith for a transformative partnership that ensures both business and personal success.

Sarah Springer

Your Catalyst for Personal and Professional Breakthroughs

Encounter fresh breakthroughs with Sarah Springer, an ICF-certified coach equipped to guide your personal and professional journey. Sarah will maximize your leadership skills and help your staff culture embody trust and mutual support. She will empower you and help inspire your team towards success.

As a transformational coach, Sarah motivates individuals towards growth and healing, utilizing her training in leadership development, spiritual formation, and trauma care. Sarah’s rich understanding of team leadership, culture-shaping, and organizational development can enrich your small business.

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