Our Vision
We embrace the profound belief that transformative leadership begins from within. Our community is meticulously crafted with the coach in mind, providing a nurturing and empowering space for leaders seeking to evolve, inspire, and make a lasting difference.  

Beyond traditional paradigms, we imagine a world where leaders are not solely defined by external accomplishments but are intricately connected to their core values, guided by authenticity, and fueled by a commitment to holistic growth. Meticulously designed to support individuals on their purpose-driven journey, especially coaches, our community recognizes the heart as a mirror, reflecting the spiritual, physical, emotional, and holistic health of a leader. We are fervently dedicated to cultivating a space where individuals can flourish in community, drawing strength from shared wisdom. Through our Spiritual Forums and Value-Based Groups, we celebrate the importance of being rooted in values. We are passionate about growth, community, and creating an inclusive haven for meaningful connections. Our overarching vision is to redefine leadership, empowering individuals to lead authentically, inspire positive change, and leave a lasting impact in both their personal and professional lives. 

"Learning coaching skills will increase your leadership within your organization. It doesn't matter if it's profit, non-profit, whatever it is - it's about how YOU are empowering your people.  By challenging the thinking of others (and taking time to look inward yourself), through intentional listening and a series of generative growth inducing questions, you have the profound ability to change the growth trajectory of those God has placed in every area of your life, and beyond."    -Joe Bogar, CORE Leaders President 

Transforming Leadership 
From the Inside Out

We are more than an organization; we're a community dedicated to transforming leadership paradigms. We understand that true leadership emanates from a place of self-discovery, emotional intelligence, and a commitment to continuous growth. Our contagious culture is designed to be the catalyst for profound internal transformation.

Tailored For Coaches, 
By Coaches

Our commitment to coaches goes beyond mere acknowledgment; we are a purpose driven community laser-focused on providing a comprehensive training and support to empower coaches to thrive. We understand a coach's impact is most profound when equipped, connected, and supported.  CORE Leaders stands by coaches, enabling them to do what they do best.​​​

Meet Our Founders

Joe Bogar
President & Co-Founder

As the President of CORE Leaders and an Executive Coach, Joe Bogar is an industry giant in the worlds of both real estate and coaching bringing decades of experience to the table. Known for his encouraging spirit and ability to simplify complex situations, Joe has achieved critical acclaim for guiding leaders in scaling businesses and fostering personal development through a holistic approach.

Joe's success story began at age 30 in real estate, where he challenged industry norms and built a thriving business in Denver, CO, grounded in honesty, integrity, and reliability. Balancing coaching and real estate deals, he led his team to Top 100 rankings within Keller Williams' residential sales division. Currently residing in Austin, TX, Joe is on a personal mission to help others live their best lives, exemplifying wisdom through practical application, and refinement.  

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Rich Anderson
CEO & Co-Founder 

Rich Anderson is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and US Army veteran known for his commitment to others and high moral character. With a 35 year long career in executive coaching and real estate (specializing in: investment/income producing assets, and building businesses to include multi-city real estate sales teams, and businesses), Rich co-founded CORE Leaders. 

Rich serves as both CEO and as an executive wealth coach working with independent business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives in the uniquely two-fold sphere of wealth building and wealth protection.  Rich dedicates his time, generosity, and energy to projects that align with his driving core values of honoring God and loving people.

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Blake Frye

For over 15 years, Blake Frye has been a guiding force in empowering business leaders through CORE Forums, where he merges biblical principles with practical wisdom to foster growth. Before CORE, Blake's entrepreneurial ventures spanned multiple industries, enriching his leadership expertise and network through involvement in esteemed organizations. A graduate of the University of Texas, Blake's passion for adventure finds expression in mountain biking and snowboarding with his family in the scenic landscapes of Colorado.

Blake's commitment to blending faith with leadership excellence continues to inspire and uplift others, leaving an indelible mark on those he encounters.

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